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welcome to a kerk smart home

before entering ...

with our intelligent video intercom, you can answer whoever arrives at your door by your cell phone.

you can also monitor via Amazon Alexa, echo show or Google hub.

but don't worry if you don't answer, the images are recorded in the cloud.

remembering that everything happens in the same application.

kerk smart-that simple

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Safety first

to have access with security, our smart locks allow access by biometrics, password, approach card and or remotely.

you can determine access times for users, per day and hour, of your choice., or give access with a temporary password, or just open from wherever you are. .

You can make personalized scenes for each user, such as when entering the house, turning on the lights until you reach the room, and they will automatically turn off, according to your desire.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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in the comfort of your living room

Imagine controlling the lighting, the curtains, the air conditioning, and the sound in elegant wall stations with touch keys and with a fine finish, or by your cell phone, or by voice command, or even by automation in programmed events such as: download curtains and maintain the ideal temperature pre-programmed to your taste, wherever you are.

kerk smart-that simple

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your home cinema session

In the comfort of your sofa, control your sound equipment, TV, air conditioning and lights. Through your smartphone or by voice command, Amazon Alexa or google home.

We are a family owned and operated business.

kerk smart -that simple.

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time to rest

nothing like arriving at rest, and being able to count on the comfort of technology to maintain the ideal temperature for a good sleep, and you can also turn off the lights and the TV by voice command.

the next morning, the curtains can open at the desired time, as well as the temperature and lighting as planned, all as if in a touch of magic.

We are a family owned and operated business.

kerk smart-that simple .

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we have complete solutions for your home, contact us

kerk smart-that simple

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