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smart control station

replace the old light switcher with a smart station
  • voice command

  • create scenes triggered on a press of a button. *

  • ALL ON/ALL OFF function all programmable **

  • control your lights with style and elegance

  • control from wherever you are

  • available for iOS and Android

  • quick setup

  • simple installation

  • mobile app control

  • fine crystal glass finish

  • available in black and white colors

  • 1, 2 or 3 touch keys with blue LEDs.


KSI-3BL (2).jpg
* configured by the application
** needs the lights to be on the Kerk app


  • 110/220 volts

  • maximum load of 200w / channel

  • crystal glass finish and ABS cabinet

  • internal use only

  • compatible with Kerk Smart devices

  •  LED status

user manual

that simple

KSI-3 WH.jpg
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