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smart video doorbell

  • the evolution of video entry.

  • completely wireless, with rechargeable batteries

  • answer your door,wherever you are on your cell phone.

  • wireless doorbell for installation on site.


  • once configured to your Wi-Fi network, your family will enjoy the comfort and the  security.

  • wide-angle and night lens.

  • detects movements through sensor.

  • storage on cell phone, SD card * or cloud storage.(chargeable)

  • the setup is very simple, just follow the step by step in the app.


  • once configured on your W-Fi network, access from anywhere.

  • * memory card not included



  • internal battery powered or via USB

  • black ABS and aluminum finish

  • internal and external use

  • compatible with Kerk Smart devices

  • Status LED

user manual

that simple

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